The Strict Boss will not tolerate any slack workers in her company and often she needs to pull new employees in to her office where she explains to them in a very firm manner what happens when they don't give their job a hundred percent. If someone has spent a bit too much time, in Miss Lina's oppinion, sitting on their lazy backside, she often calls them in to her office where she can put them over her knee to warm their bottom up with a firm, over the knee handspanking.

This hand spanking is then followed up with the slipper, sole and perhaps even the cane. All, of course, in the name of increased productivity and efficiency and to stop them from wanting to sit down full stop.

Every so often Miss Lina also makes all her employees line up outside her office door first thing in the morning and she calls them in one by one for a little "reminder spanking" to start the day off on the right foot.