The Headprefect Miss Lina could get you in to an awful lot of trouble with the headmistress if you don't do what she tells you to. If you have been a naughty boy or upset the headprefect or any of her friends in any way she will make sure you pay. Depending on how bad you have been and what mood she is in, you might just be in for a bare bottom spanking but odds are you will get a bit more than that, especially if you have upset her friends.

Miss Lina is known to have teased and taunted the boys and generally abused her position as headprefect at times, using methods not allowed for someone who is still really just a school girl, but none of the naughty boys would tell on her to the headmistress because after all, who will the headmistress believe, a naughty boy or her star pupil, the headprefect?