Would you like to spend the night at Miss Lina’s?

Do you want to be treated like the naughty nephew, being made to do your homework, show me your best behaviour over dinner, go to bed when told, or else…?

Do you want to be my naked man servant for the evening and cook my dinner, clean my kitchen, do my ironing, massage my feet, be my foot stool while I watch TV and then retire to the servant’s quarters where you will be at my beck and call through out the night?

Or do you want to spend the night locked up in a cage?

The options are many so please let me know what would make your overnight stay special.

Times can be varied slightly but a general overnight stay would start around 7pm and finish at 9am the following day.

The stay would involve a session style or role-play of your choice played out through out the evening.

Dinner, either cooked for you by perhaps Auntie Lina, or cooked by you for Mistress. Your table manners are expected to be impeccable, you must remember your “please and thank-yous”, or you might be made to spend time in the corner and instead of desert there could just be a spanking. Or perhaps you will be made to have a bowl of dog biscuits on the floor while I enjoy a lovely candle lit meal with you attentively tending to me every need.

The evening could then be spent with either you being taught a lesson if your behaviour is not up to standard, or pampering your Mistress, catering to my every whim. When I say it is bedtime I expect this to be respected or there will be a price to pay.

Breakfast, if I prepare your breakfast and you are not up on time you can expect to be dragged out of bed by your ear and put across my knee. Equally, if you were supposed to prepare my breakfast and it is not up to standard you will be paying the price for this. But of course, good behaviour will be rewarded by the company of a very happy Miss Lina.

Hopefully, at the end of your overnight stay we will both be happy. I will be pleased that you have learned your lesson or have served me well, and you will realise that this was all for your own good :).

If you do want to spend the night, please contact me so we can discuss what you would like more in detail as this is a very personalised service. Overnight stays need to be arranged in advance and a deposit has to be paid in order to confirm the stay.

Please note that overnight stays by no means involve any sexual services. Overnight stays start from £500/night depending on your requirements.