Whether you like to have your cock and balls tightly tied up, crushed with clamps, covered in pegs or with hot wax, me giving them a powerful squeeze, slap or punch with my strong hands. Or, you want to submit yourself to me ball busting you with my perfectly placed, strong kicks. I love having a man's cock and balls at my mercy and I get great joy from the squeals I normally hear from my victim.

I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and love a good tousle and I am available for anything from pure fantasy wrestling sessions to oil/food/messy wrestling and semi-competitive wrestling sessions. Due to an ankle injury I'm not able to do fully competitive wrestling at the moment but hopefully that will change.

In the fantasy sessions we can act out role-plays and I can put you in all your favourite holds, whether it is schoolgirl pins, head scissors, body scissors, chokes, strangles or any other holds you like.

I have a 9m2 matted space where I do the sessions and if you are covered in oil from oil wrestling or have worked up a sweat you can have a shower after. 

13 Years of Spanking from Miss Lina

One of my clients has kindly let me put together a little video compilation from the sessions we have had together, spanning a total of 13 years. I hope you will enjoy watching it.

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